Worried About the Privacy of Your Data with Gen AI?

Meet DKubeX, your Private AI Implementation Platform: On-Prem or Multi-cloud

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Worried About Finding Cost Effective GPUs?

DKubeX hunts for the most cost effective GPUs in any cloud or cloud regions


Worried About the Security and Observability of LLMs?

DKubeX gives you a SecureLLM gateway to keep tabs on your LLMS interactions

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partnership announcement

DKube & VMware partner to Enhance MLOps for Enterprise

Learn more about how DKube integrates with Tanzu to help leverage Enterprise Kubeflow, MLflow HPC Resources, Federated Learning, and much more.

partnership announcement

Nutanix partners with DKube to help Enteprises build Gen AI apps

Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box, along with solutions from DKube, simplifies enterprise AI adoption with an AI-ready stack to jumpstart innovation.

The AI game is changing

DKubeX - Build secure AI apps with your private data

A purpose-built Enterprise AI framework to integrate proprietary data, subject matter expertise, and Large Language Models to build AI models for your use cases.

rapidly Scale your AI Operations

DKube- An MLOPs platform built for Enterprises

Automate, optimize, and scale your Machine Learning processes with DKube. Build and deploy AI models into production faster, monitor and train them in real-time, with DKube.

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Security and Observability

Learn how we are helping small and large enterprises securely deploy and monitor AI applications built with Large Language Models like Open AI, Co:here and Bloom.

Low Code AI with LLMs

Find out more about our LLM toolkit that is enabling enterprises leverage proprietary data to rapidly test, build, and fine-tune AI applications for domain-specific use cases.

Build Your Own Models

Learn how our platform, derived from our expertise in building custom machine learning workflows for Fortune 500 Enterprises, helps teams looking to quickly scale infrastructure for LLMs.



Data Science Platform

Learn how our integrated MLOps platform helps large Data Science teams collaboratively build, serve and monitor complex AI models with built in support observability and data lineage.

ML Automation

Learn how your data science and machine learning teams can leverage workflow automation with enterprise grade integrations of the most popular frameworks like Kubeflow and MLFlow.

On Premise

Learn how our strong partnership with VMWare, Nutanix and Rancher helps Enterpises seamlessly integrate complex ML Workflows within their existing kubernetes infrastructure.


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