LLM Tools

Test and Develop Multiple AI Use Cases, Faster

Rapidly develop use cases for AI applications with popular Large Language Models using public datasets or private data samples

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Domain specific data

Integrate data from multiple public datasources, 3rd party applications or custom datasets to develop use cases tailored to your specific domain.


Rapid Prototyping

Quickly get started with our template library, build your own prompts and iterate with different datasets against various Large Language Models.


Deploy Applications

Generate endpoints to integrate with your existing applications or deploy with one of our pre-built apps, circulate to a wider audience for testing and feedback.


Add your data

Use your existing data and create custom data sources from across large files, databases or app integrations to build applications specific to your org’s needs.


Rapid Prototyping

Dive into a playground of prompts, choose an array of models from popular providers and Open Source LLMs, and find out what works best with your data. Save and publish your templates.


Deploy Applications

Deploy with one click. Integrate your deployment-ready models into your existing applications. Capture accurate data points and metrics for evaluation and fine tuning.


Capture both explicit and implicit feedback in real time along with detailed input and output parameters for each use case.

Performance Metrics

Gain insights for each deployment with granular reporting across important factors like cost, latency, request volume, and more.

Pre Built Apps

Use our pre-built apps for chat and semantic search to quickly gather feedback from multiple stakeholders across  your organization.

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