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Gen AI For Enterprises
From Conception to Production in 12 weeks

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12-13 June 202 | Tobacco Dock, London

Built for PRIVATE AI

Elevate your Enterprise's Gen AI capabilities with DKubeX

Take your enterprise Private AI applications from ideation to production in twelve weeks or lesser with DKubeX.

Our all-in-one solution integrates compute power, GPUs, storage, and cutting-edge Gen AI software, providing unparalleled control and security over your proprietary data. 

Ready to revolutionize your enterprise’s AI innovation capabilities? 

Security & Observability
Retrieval Augmented Gen AI
Fine-tune & Deploy LLMs
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Booth #104

Explore the DKubeX Experience

Any Data

DKubeX ingests data from any data source – be it S3, Google Drive, One Drive, Confluence, Slack, and more. Your data, your way, in a secure environment.

Any Model

Deploy from our catalog, tap into Hugging Face, leverage MLFlow registry, or deploy custom models with your configurations. The power is in your hands, as it should be.

Run Anywhere

DKubeX goes beyond limitations. Run it on the cloud, in a VPC, or on-prem – flexibility that adapts to your enterprise's needs.

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See why enterprises with Private AI projects trust DKubeX to accelerate innovation in a secure, scalable environment. Request a demo.

Take GenAI apps from test to production in days

Track every step of your GenAI workflow with powerful tracing, evaluation, and feedback

Achieve unparalleled cost efficiency with integrated workload optimization for Gen AI

Tap into our growing network of Private Al-enabled Infrastructure partners

Leverage our expertise in Gen Al to augment and speed track your Al use cases

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