Embeddable MLOps

Modular solutions for  every MLOps challenge

Unlimited custom reports

Create reports  that make sense for your business and your goals.

Cross-channel insights

Get insights on campaigns across channels and compare results.

Easy-to-use planner

Use the publishing calendar to plan out posts ahead of time.

Keyword research

See what keywords bring you the highest quality traffic in a glance.

Single message inbox

Get one single inbox for all accounts and channels.

100+ post templates

Don’t start from scratch every time.. Use our ready-to-go templates.

Deep integrations

Integrate with Canva, Slack, Mailchimp, Facebook and more.

Easy campaign tuning

See in-depth data on campaigns and adjust them easily.


Incorporate an MLOps workflow through DKube modules

From feature engineering to training and serving to monitoring, you can embed some or all the modules depending on the needs of your AI/ML product while sharing a common metadata core across them.

DKube modules can be made consistent with your product brand and color palette if needed. This gives you control over your MLOps offering to your customer, including field monitoring of AI/ML models and retraining. DKube runs wherever your data or environment is- on-prem, cloud, or at the edge.

White Label Ready Solutions
Modular Implementation
Workload Optimization
Flexible Licensing Options