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Exploring Enterprise AI with DKubeX: Updates from Ray Summit 2023

In September 2023, DKube was proud to sponsor Ray Summit, and showcase pivotal innovation in the Enterprise AI space to enable companies to better use Generative AI apps and their private data to build usable, scalable models for real use-cases. Some key features of DKubeX and updates from the event are showcased here.

Live Demos Unveiling DKubeX Features

Summit attendees were walked through the platform's ability to optimize resources by hunting for the most cost-effective GPU cloud or cloud region on a per-job basis. Integrated MLFlow functionalities allowed users to track and view metrics, while SecureLLM provided a secure environment for tracking and viewing logs of GenAI model queries.

Strategic Collaboration with VMware: A Key Partnership

Amidst the demonstrations, DKubeX's collaboration with VMware emerged as a strategic move, solidifying its position in the Private AI eco-system. This partnership ensures seamless integration into various environments, offering users a comprehensive solution for their LLMOps needs.

More information on the partnership can be found here.

Why DKUbeX?

1. DKubeX distinguishes itself by not being a fully managed SaaS platform running on a third-party cloud alone. Instead, it gives enterprises the flexibility to choose their preferred deployment either on-prem or across multicolour environments, while prioritising data security in both cases.

2. DKubeX positions itself as a complete LLMOps platform by incorporating MLFlow and SecureLLLM components, catering to the dynamic needs of GenAI projects.

3. DKubeX stands out as a more cost-effective and modern LLMOps product compared to other market players. Its foundation on open source technologies sets it apart in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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