Custom Solutions

One Convergence™ is dedicated to helping you navigate your AI journey. Our flagship DKube™ deep learning solution is a flexible, powerful application that is ready to run out-of-the-box. If DKube is not exactly what you need, we can help create something that is.

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DKube Integration into Your Environment
Custom Development of Pipeline Stages
Kubeflow-Based Implementation
MLOps Development
Integration with Custom Hardware
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DKube Integration into Your Environment

If you like DKube, but it doesn’t quite fit into your current environment,
we can quickly extend its capability.

  • Continuous Intergration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) frameworks
  • Different code and data repositories
  • Integration of storage elements
  • Optimization in your environment
  • Authentication and authorization

Custom Development of Pipeline Stages

Kubeflow Pipelines provide a portable, automated workflow. DKube supports pipelines natively, and we can help you develop your own steps, or do the full development for you.

  • Data preprocessing
  • Datastore integration
  • Data transformation
  • Model export to a custom environment
  • Data security analysis

Kubeflow-Based Implementation

DKube is based on Kubeflow. We have extended it in a number of ways, and hardened it for production use. If you prefer to use standard Kubeflow instead, but simply want some additional capabilities, we can help you.

  • Integration into your environment
  • Custom pipeline development
  • Optimization
  • Integrating with custom hardware

MLOps Development

Coding, prototyping, and training are only a part of the AI puzzle. Once your model performs to expectations, it needs to be ushered into production in an automated, repeatable way. One Convergence can make this happen.

  • Metrics & logging
  • Regression
  • Evaluation
  • Security
  • Integration with the cloud or other applications

Integration with Custom Hardware

If you have a custom hardware platform that you’d like to optimize for AI, One Convergence can provide a complete set of services. We have significant experience in developing code for hardware platforms, and can provide the perfect solution.

  • Software development for deep learning frameworks such as Glow, TVM, TFX, and PyTorch
  • Optimization of graphics for inference or training
  • Network driver development for distributed training & network optimization
  • Performance optimization