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Installing DKube, a Kubeflow based MLOps platform on EKS


DKube is a portable, end-to-end, Kubeflow-based MLOps platform that enables data scientists to develop, tune, and deploy complex models. It is based on Kubernetes, and will run on-premises and on the most popular cloud providers.It has the same look, feel, and workflow on all of them, and migrating back and forth between providers is fast and simple.

Industrialization of AI

Industrialization of AI

What It can Learn from the Industrialization of Supermarkets.
Relying on Github or similar methods for code and data repos alone with Tensorflow, PyTorch or similar frameworks is not sufficient to scale AI projects and deployments. Demand more from your AI platform vendor. Demand MLOps.

Deep Learning MLOps with Prasad Vellanki, CEO of One Convergence

TF Interview

One Convergence CEO Prasad Vellanki sat down to discuss the obstacles and promise of Deep Learning at the TF World 2019 show. Prasad offers a compelling vision of where the industry is headed, and explains how the company’s DKube product offers a powerful, flexible, and affordable Deep Learning solution for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid platforms.

Scale-Out: The Right Way to Deploy On-Premises Deep Learning

Cloud-based computing has changed the face of IT for the better. It has enabled organizations to make use of high-performance resources without requiring large IT groups. And it has enabled a supply of production-ready applications to companies who might not otherwise be able to access them. This is especially true in the world of Deep Learning, where high performance, scalability, and flexibility are critical. But what if your organization can’t...

An Efficient Scale-Out Deep Learning Cloud – Your Way

Ash Bhalgat
Ash Bhalgat Senior Director of Cloud Marketing Mellanox Technologies

The Duchess of Windsor famously said that you could not be too rich or too thin. And whether or not that is correct, a similar observation is definitely true when trying to match deep learning applications and compute resources: you cannot have enough horsepower. Intractable problems in fields as diverse as finance, security, medical research, resource exploration, self-driving vehicles, and defense are being solved today by “training” a complex neural...